Biofouling - påväxt på fartygsskrov Vissa organismer, t.ex. snäckor och alger, som kan fästa på fartygsskrov kan spridas med fartyg till platser utanför sina naturliga utbredningsområden. FN:s internationella sjöfartsorgan (IMO) har uppmärksammat problemet med spridning av främmande arter genom biofouling (påväxt på fartygsskrov). Biofouling refers to the accumulation of microorganisms on exposed marine surfaces. Biofouling presents a significant problem for marine vessels as it significantly increases hydrodynamic friction, leading to increased propulsion drag and associated fuel consumption and running costs. Biofouling. Biofouling is the colonization of submerged surfaces by microorganisms such as bacteria and has destructive effects on artificial devices used in different fields (Varin et al., 2013; Yoon et al., 2013).

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Biofouling As long-time experts in the field of Mussel Management, we know the protocols to get the most effective results in the shortest amount of time. Biofouling management, monitoring and control services provide crucial information to our clients, giving them the ability to plan and implement mitigation measures with turnkey solutions. The biofouling process starts with the adsorption of organic molecules to a surface, which leads to the attachment of further layers of microorganisms, such as bacteria or algae. This biofilm in turn may attract larger organisms, including marine invertebrates such as barnacles, mussels and sponges, and then crabs, shrimps, snails and other mobile organisms. The IMO is moving its attention to hull biofouling after its success with preparations for the Ballast Water Management Convention in developing nations. Biofouling is one of the concerns in the use of titanium for seawater cooled condensers of power plants. Earlier studies have shown that anodized titanium and its alloys with a thin film of Biofouling in nano filtration or Reverse Osmosis membranes is probably the least comprehended contamination that can occur in membrane systems.

The project has strated in 2016. The project finished in 2020.

2017-11-24 · BIMCO is concerned about the increase in unilateral initiatives to legislate on biofouling, as they open up for potentially discriminatory and impractical regulations for the industry. BIMCO supports the development of mandatory IMO regulation on biofouling based on the IMO’s guidelines provided ships can be ensured access to in-water cleaning.


The negative impacts of biofouling are increasingly well-documented and the issue has been thrust into the spotlight in Biofouling is a particular problem for underwater structures, such as pipelines, cables, fishing nets, and bridge pillars. The adverse effects of ship hull biofouling (Figure 1) include [1]: (i) Higher fuel con-sumption because the frictional resistance increased due to biofouling, making the hull rougher and the ship heavier.

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Barnacles on ship hulls may seem more picturesque than problematic, but not if you're the U.S. Navy and those marine hitchhikers  15 Sep 2007 Biofouling control options for cooling systems.

2018 Financé par le NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship, le projet 'Biofouling in Renewable Energy Environments – Marine' (BioFREE)  Biofouling has long been considered as a limiting factor in ocean monitoring requiring the placement of any materials under water. Many potential solutions to this  Biofouling protection of oceanographic sensors and optical devices, a need for in situ monitoring.
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The project has strated in 2016. The project finished in 2020. 2.1 Development of Biofouling Marine biofouling is generally defined as the establishment of a biological layer on the surface of solid matter which is exposed to seawater.