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What’s so special about April 17 2015? Nobody’s entirely sure, but it seems that this was the date that Steam implemented their accounts-restricted-unless-you-spend-a-little policy. You can now visit a page to see exactly how much you've spent on Steam, which breaks your game spending into three totals. TotalSpend is the one most likely to make you cry.

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With this steam tool you can see how much you have spent. I just found out I have spend $1160. That's around $16 a month for me. Make me feel better … 2018-06-20 · There is now a page on Steam with a simple job: to tell you how much money you’ve spent on Steam since creating your account. The External Funds page is part of the Steam Support site, so you’ll The thing is, I’m really curious about things like: how much money have I spent on Steam games, how many of my games I actually play, hours played in aggregate, etc. Really I just want to geek out on the data, but there’s no easy way to do so inside of my actual Steam account.

What's HMMC for? Literally,this script helps you to know how much money you cost on Steam.

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How much money have i spent on steam

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Maybe more than I would have thought as I did go through a rash of buying bundles and the like that made my steam library grow with games I don't even realise I have. Old spend only shows the money spent up before April 17, 2015. You may remember that Valve instated a policy around that time that restricts users who have not spent at least $5 from trading, sending friend invites, or using the market. which explains the distinction between the first two rows. However: $1,046 I probably spent around $150 total for all those games. Created 3 years ago and I have 361 hours in Steam games. 110 hours in ETS2.

The thing is, I’m really curious about things like: how much money have I spent on Steam games, how many of my games I actually play, hours played in aggregate, etc.
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Once on old gen and once on new gen. No sharkcards bought 1.

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